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Big Data & AI Technology

Big Data & AI Technology

Understanding the Big Data Analytics Market

AI Technology analyzes Big Data and helps financial information services.

The development of credit rating models using alternative data is expanding through the use of MyData and Machine Learning.

​PANIROIS is recognized for its innovative technology and expertise based on its know-how in the big data market, a key competitive edge in future finance.

What is Big Data?
1. Data generated in a digital environment is massive, has a short generation cycle, and includes not only numerical data, but also text and image data.
2. With the spread of the digital economy, a "big data" environment is coming around us, where so much information and data are produced that we cannot estimate the scale.
3. Financial institutions leading overseas use big data in various fields of management activities such as marketing, investment management, trading, and risk management, and are also used as opportunities to generate new profits by providing large amounts of data analysis results accumulated in-house.
Product development

Using big data in the form of developing new products or enhancing service functions based on information collected through customer information and SNS of financial companies.

Marketing Utilization

Use SNS, GPS, etc. to provide services and promotions tailored to customer preferences for discovering new customers and marketing targets.

Prevention of Cheating

Used to prevent financial-related irregularities such as insurance fraud, credit card theft, and corruption of internal employees.

Credit Scoring System

Improve the accuracy of examinations related to loans, card issuance, etc. or use them to develop new credit rating models.


MyData is a business that provides customized integrated inquiry services to customers by receiving distributed personal information from customers.

   Machine Learning   

As an application of AI technology, machine learning categorizes, learns, and utilizes various data held by financial institutions to predict human unpredictability.

   Supervised Learning   

Artificial intelligence methods that teach and study both questions and answers.

   Unsupervised Learning   

Artificial intelligence methods that make you study without telling you the answer.

   Reinforcement Learning   

Artificial intelligence methods that enhance performance in a way that maximizes rewards and minimizes bees.

Internal information

Various forms of information can be used as transaction information of the financial company

​ Personal CB information

All financial sector loan/card usage information registered by member companies can be used

MyData information

Information of information providers (public institutions, financial institutions, general companies, etc.)

Other company information

Only customer-focused information held by other companies

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Application of New Technologies

to the Big Data Analysis Market

Machine learning analyzes big data and helps financial information services.​

The development of credit rating models using alternative data is expanding through the use of MyData and Machine Learning.

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