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PANIROIS Education Center

Our Education Center

Over the past 10 years, PANIROIS has accumulated know-how through joint research and projects with domestic and foreign financial institutions and data analysis consulting, and established an education center to share it with those who need it in the market.

Why PANIROIS Education Center?

Providing an actual education curriculum based on deep understanding of financial sector data shown by financial consulting performance so far.
The best instructors who have accumulated know-how in understanding and analyzing the domestic financial environment by carrying out various consulting projects for the entire financial sector.
Korea's only educational program linked to actual model development projects, including consulting on risk in the financial sector, analysis on big data, and development of machine learning models.
It has many networks for trainees to support employment in various financial sectors, including banks, insurance, cards, capital, savings banks, financial group companies and analysis consulting, and CB companies.

Data Scientist Course

Understanding Financial Business and Development of Personal Credit Rating Model of Financial Institutions

Model and Strategy Expert Course

From training for new employees to advanced courses that support growth as leaders in business projects, and on-demand training courses for financial companies

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