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Good Money Asset

Good Money Asset

Asset value gain and management revenue window through low-price buying of bad debt

Non-Performing Loan (NPL) bond purchase is a business that aims to realize profits from recovery and asset value by purchasing and collecting bad loans that are overdue for more than 90 days at low prices.

After buying bonds and collateralized claims that are established as collateral security, such as real estate After buying bonds, you can earn profits from the auction or from a direct auction and resale.

Variety of NPL


a credit-backed bond

Unsecured NPL

Debt adjustment NPL

Achieve profits by purchasing individual rehabilitation bonds and credit recovery bonds sold by financial institutions to secure soundness and managing reimbursement rounds and amounts. 

unsecured NPL

Achieve profits by purchasing non-performing loans from financial institutions or by generating profit margin from the sale

Good Money Asset Loan Project Promotion Area

Create a strong collaboration system

with PANIROIS' unique differentiated strategy

Based on PANIROIS' financial network and Korea's best big data analysis technology, we will establish a strong collaboration system.



Good Money



Securing a place of purchase

Maximize recovery performance

Strategies differentiated from existing NPL buyers

Financial networks and big data analytics skills

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