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Passion led us here


Best partners with know-how about

data analytic and consulting

PANIROIS was created by former global financial consulting and risk management experts at financial institutions to complete the mission of providing optimized risk management consulting services to

domestic financial institutions.

Our Story

  • We have diverse project experience  in CSS(Credit Scoring System)  and Basel from Bank to sub-prime industry and therefore, our project team guarantees the best outcomes.

  • Our consultants are highly trained with previous experiences from world-leading consulting firms such as Experian, FICO, Local financial institutions, and the Financial Supervisory Service.

  • PANIROIS’ consultants have conducted local landmark CSS and Basel projects since 2000, and have been recognized as professionals to finance industry.

  • In addition, PANIROIS is the only firm carrying out analytics based consulting such as market analysis, research, marketing strategies development and risk management for clients in Korea.

  • PANIROIS never provides cliché or prosaic outcomes or inappropriate products, but deliverables that best suits our clients want.

  • PANIROIS’ consultants are always questioning themselves why they start the project and differentiate our deliverables with statistical accuracy and validity.

Meaning of PANIROIS

PANIROIS is expert in predicting customer behavior and risk using mathematical algorithms through big data analysis and predictive modeling.

Predictive Analysis & Innovation

Meaning : Innovation in Predictable Analysis


Meaning 1: ROI(Return On Investment) + S
-> Growing achievement of ROI

Meaning 2: ROI is the French version of CEO ‘ROY’ + S -> A Group of experts like ‘ROY’

Korea's top consultants providing innovative consulting services based on analysis

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