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Overseas Analytic Consulting

Overseas Analytic Consulting

PANIROIS led various projects not only in Korea but also in overseas markets.

Based on project experience with global companies and project experience with leading domestic financial institutions, we are developing the best models in countries around the world.

[Case of Overseas Project]
비즈니스 핸드 셰이크

"KB PRASAC" In Cambodia

A project to develop a personal credit rating model to be used by the merged bank in the process of merging the local Kookmin Bank and Prasac MFI in Cambodia

비즈니스 네트워킹 이벤트

"KB J Capital" In Thailand

Projects to lay the foundation for stable asset growth by developing models that reflect external data in Thailand and domestic know-how and improving risk management strategies

화상 회의

"KDSB" In Cambodia

A project to upgrade the screening strategy for the development of the credit card and installment financing model and strategy of Cambodia's local subsidiary

비즈니스 미팅

"KEBOC" In Canada

A project for CSS model and strategic consulting to maintain the performance and stability of the retail credit rating system developed by strategic consulting and to reflect the regulations and guidelines of the supervisory authority

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