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Our Leadership
at a glance

PANIROIS's clients are leading financial institutions

Our Leadership

PANIROIS is the best manpower group in the industry


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Local Landmark CSS Projects to big data

PANIROIS at a glance

  PANIROIS at a glance 

PANIROIS provides analytic based consulting service to make better decisions. PANIROIS solutions drive higher levels of growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. We lead changes in financial industries by applying big data and mathematical algorithms to predict customer behavior and risk.

PANIROIS is originated from financial data analytics and risk management consulting service. Based on our know-how, we utilize machine learning and AI to expand our services to big data analysis. PANIROIS is continuously developing new businesses.

The below are our five main business sectors which we are focusing on.

Scoring Modeling &

Analytic Strategy Consulting

Scoring model development for risk measurement and management

Model development for marketing activities (i.e.Attrition, Revenue, etc.)

Alternative Scoring by Machine Learning Algorithm

Advanced model development, Multi-Goal, Net Present Value(NPV) Model and etc.

Optimization Consulting

Risk Management: strategy consulting on initial credit limit, adjustment (up/down) of credit limit, determination on interest level

Marketing and Loan Management: Best Offer /Treatment,  Best Contact Channel, Best Place/Time/Message

Portfolio Optimization: Credit account limit and interest rate solutions for financial institutions to achieve their goal through exposure and risk optimization of portfolio

Big Data Analysis & Marketing

Strategy Consulting

Big Data Analysis and Financial Information Services

Development of Campaign Strategies and Operating Solutions for customer targeting based on risk and marketing

Compliance Consulting

Measurement of Credit Risk on Retail (calculation on Risk Component and Credit VaR), New BIS suitability verification(building IRB Validation Framework and Validation), IFRS, RBC Consulting

Education Center

Established Education Center and opened a formal training course to foster excellent analytical personnel that is required by domestic financial institutions

R&D Center

Operate R&D center to contribute to the development of the financial market by developing plans for incorporating new technologies into the financial market and providing efficient decision-making environments by utilizing various data

Local leading ​financial institutions are PANIROIS' clients

​Bank, Card, Savings Bank, Insurance, Capital and other top financial institutions are PANIROIS' clients. if you need data analysis, you are our potential customer.

Our Customers

  Our History                


  • Consulting with KB Kookmin Card and KED for “Development of a comprehensive credit management service for CB businesses of individual businesses”

  • Development of alternative scoring using financial information of the “ALDA” app

  • Development of alternative CB and service using communication data through business cooperation with KT

  • The first domestic bank to develop a screening strategy using alternative information and AI


  • KB Kookmin Bank Corporate Credit ML-based automatic approval review model development

  • KED advance consulting and personal CB credit evaluation model development


  • Development of new products utilizing Capital's machine learning

  • KB Kookmin Bank's first machine learning in Korea and the world's first reinforcement learning model

  • Participated in equity investment in TeamWink, Ltd. for Mydata business (Financial Asset Management App “ALDA”)


  • Developed the machine learning model and strategy by applying artificial intelligence to screen credit loan for the main saving bank in Korea

  • Developed bond and thin file model for domestic credit card company by applying machine learning algorithm


  • Developed credit loan model and strategy for Internet Only Bank

  • Reseller contract with Global Data Visualization software, Tableau

  • The 1st in Korea: Projected bond management, disposal, debt settlement by measuring NPV(Net Present Value) of overdue loan


  • The 1st in Korea: Designed credit loan model and product for bank by applying communication data

  • Built a technology financing based early warning system model for Korea Credit Information Services


  • The 1st in Korea: Built retail CSS of risk measurement for Korean domestic bank’s overseas branch

  • The 1st in Korea: Developed a model to prevent complaints for credit card company by applying Text Analysis


  • The 1st in Korea: Built the credit loan product system for Korean domestic insurance company for its general customers who are not holding its insurance

  • Projected a foreign saving bank to enter Korean domestic market by providing strategy consulting about credit loan system, product, model, and screening

  • The 1st in Korea: Developed the market data based Semi Custom Model


  • Exclusive Partnership with Encompass, Enterprise Credit Visualization Engine

  • The 1st in Korea: Calculated Basel Risk Component and Credit Risk of nonmonetary institutions

  • Projected products, models, and screening strategies for a newly opened capital startup


  • Partnership with Global Solution Enterprise, SAS

  • Built the card loan optimization methodology for credit card company


  • MOU with Global IT Solution Company, CGI CO., Ltd

  • Launched Model/Strategy monitoring solutions

  • The 1st in Korea: Consulting for the optimization of bond management for domestic bank

  • Launched Collections XP, Bond management strategy system


  • PANIROIS Inc. established

  • Technical cooperation with Easy Core Solution Inc. on risk management platform

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7, Yulgok-ro 2-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03143, Korea

T. 82-2-739-8325

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03141 Somerset Palace 7, Yulgok-ro 2-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
☎ +82 2-739-8325

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