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Self-Service Collection Analytics

Collections XP

Look for framework to analyze customer data with various perspectives for optimizing collection activities? Learn more about Collections XP​

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Strategic tool of Self-Service is necessary to be flexible in responding to changes of collection strategy depending on the market and economy.
Collections XP

  Key Features             

Segment Characteristic Live Check

User can track live results while strategy designing process and characteristic of each segmentations.

Excel Environment combined product

Collections XP is a combined product with data tree environment for Meta data process and excel environment for analysis/reporting to be able to do segmentation and to analyze.

Multi-dimensional OLAP Analysis with Meta Data

User can create and manage Meta data for each subject to support atypical data analysis and perform multi-dimensional OLAP analysis with Meta Data.

Multiple Scorecard applications

User can breakdown the customer group by applying various scorecard and decision table and classify characteristics of overdue loan depending on operating strategy

Save performing strategy and utilize data

The last created segment and strategic information are transmitted to the channel by schedule. Performance report will be generated by gathering contact information from channel periodically.

Excel environment Report analysis and enhanced

User is able to enjoy excel report analysis environment with dynamic level change, drilldown and drill to detail functions.

Champion/Challenger Strategy Operation

Segment can be created/managed by various segmentation techniques. Champion-Challenger supports strategy operation or a bond strategy model. Additionally, a segment, depending on Champion-Challenger operation strategy, generates report for comparative analysis. User can do test operation of various strategies with multi-segmentation.

  Expectated Effectiveness            

01/ Integrated Collection Management

  • Provide strategy load and operating environment

  • Strategy development and validation (simulation) with strategic system

  • Development/enhancement via Champion-Challenger

03/ Ease of Data Management

  • Create and provide strategic data in process of strategy distribution.

  • Ability to load response data (specific Input and Output Set)

05/ Optimize IT Infrastructure

  • Process completion with operating system (strategy development – strategy distribution – collection activities – monitoring)

  • Develop/management by work-site to minimize IT involvement

02/ Monitoring Systemization

  • Provide continuous beginning of strategy by predicting specific strategy result

04/ Loan Quantity Management Efficiency

  • Fast response on strategy with loan management quantity prediction

  • Strategic Manpower Involvement Plan

06/ Internal Competency Enhancements

  • Enhance strategy development/management and data handling via simulation/Champion-Challenger and etc. which strengthen analysis ability

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