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FICO Model Builder

Explore and analyze data of any size or complexity


Advanced Predictive Analysis and Modeling

FICO is the world's leading provider of analytics software, solutions, and services that transform how organizations understand customers and optimize their business processes around them.

FICO® Model Builder


FICO® Model Builder supports a complete model development process.
Allows users to access, explore, analyze, calculate variables, document key modeling steps, and create models to evaluate and distribute data.


  Core Benefits            

Quickly develop analytics

Model® Builder accelerates the lifecycle of creating models. Time-saving features and scalability enable you to quickly navigate data, create predictive models, and place them in business rules or scoring systems.

Big Data Analytics

Model® Builder makes it relevant to your business by discovering valuable and new insights from large amounts of distributed or centralized data, regardless of the size of your data.

Leading scorecard technology

Model® Builder includes FICO's leading scorecard technology that combines analytics science and business expertise. FICO offers a range of features to help you build predictable, robust, and interpretable models.

  Key Features             


Supports the entire modeling lifecycle, from data discovery and model deployment to deployment.


Integrates with popular analytics and computing platforms to take existing tools to a whole new level, including Hadoop, MapReduce, SAS, and R.


Easily collaborate with consistent logic, common methodologies, reusable libraries and templates, and robust model documentation.


A familiar graphical user interface facilitates collaboration with team members.


Use industry-leading FICO scorecard technology that combines analytics science and business expertise.


Extensive algorithms including Decision Trees and Segmented Ensemble Models that learn to recognize complex patterns within rich and vast data.


Intelligent automation accelerates modeling and enables analysts to control and modify models to meet business decision requirements.


Intuitive wizards simplify and simplify model design.

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