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Collection Model

Collection Model

The Collection Model is one of the Scoring models that manages delinquency and bonds that can defend against bonds within expected losses.

The Collection model helps clients predict expected losses and defend bonds, and is used to balance checks and balances in sales, marketing, and risk management, as well as to lay the foundation for expertise in core technology capabilities.

Expectation effectiveness

The development of the Collection Model can develop a bond management model that quantifies recoverability, advance bond management strategies such as active debt adjustment to prepare for an increase in bad debt volume, and improve delegation and sale strategies.

Collection Model project in last 3 years



Project Name

NH Nonghyup Card [2022]

Project for development of a loan model for delinquent member cards, establishment of a loan system for repayment, and development of a strategy for product operation



Pepper Savings Bank [2022]

Project for a Collection Model and Bond Management Strategy Development to Strengthen the Capacity of Deferred Bond Management



Project Name

KB Kookmin Bank [2021]

Project for credit Management (RSS) Model and Strategy Development and Operation System Construction



Project Name

OK Capital [2021]

Project for RSS Model and Strategy Development of NPL Bond Value Evaluation Model



Project Name

KB Capital [2019]

Project for a Recovery Model and Strategic Development and Strategic Management System for the Advancement of the Retail Financial Credit Rating Model

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