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Scoring Model

Scoring Model

Scoring Model is a model that evaluates future risks using credit applicant information

or data from a customer's existing account.

Score means that customers are ordered from low risk to high risk rather than the number itself, and is used as a basic indicator for implementing differentiated strategies by grouping customers according to the financial institution's strategy.

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Risk Model

Credit rating modeling for risk measurement and management

  • ASS(Application Scoring System)

  • BSS(Behavior Scoring System)

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Collection Model

Credit rating modeling for bond management in existing modeling

  • Pre-collection Model

  • Payment Projection Model

  • Personal rehabilitation Model

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Marketing Model

Modeling using the newest

 AI algorithms

  • Attrition Model

  • Response Model

  • Etc

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Advanced Model

​Data analytics-based modeling for business purposes

  • Machine Learning

  • Multiple Goal Model

  • NPV Model

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