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Our Services

From Scoring Model to Overseas Analytic Consulting, PANIROIS offers professional consulting services across the entire financial institution's risk and analytics operations to the Global market.

Scoring Model

The Scoring Model is a model that can evaluate future risks and help diagnose and improve the interest rate system according to financial institutions' strategies, as well as calculate product-specific interest rate strategies, credit costs, and risk costs.

- Risk Model

- Collection Model

- Marketing Model

- Advanced Model


Collection Model

The Collection Model is one of the Scoring Models that allows you to manage delinquencies and bonds.

- Diagnosing and improving the status of overdue bond process

- Analysis of domestic and foreign bond management gap

- Mid- to long-term organizational and process operational strategies

- Recovery strategy

- Channel allocation strategy


Risk Component

Risk component is a sector that diagnoses and improves risks, calculates risk parameters, and uses those indicators to measure, diagnose, and improve credit risks.

- Basel

- Insurance RBC


Big Data & AI Technology

AI Technology analyzes Big Data and helps financial information services.

- MyData

- Machine Learning

- Reinforcement Learning


Overseas Analytic Consulting

Based on our successful project experience with global companies, it has developed into a consulting that is recognized not only in Korea but also in countries around the world.

- Cambodia

- Canada

- Thailand

- Vietnam


Platform Business

In line with the heyday of the platform, we are trying to create a differentiated platform unique to PANIROIS.

- Platform 'Finding stores'


Good Money Asset

We established an asset loan business as a subsidiary of PANIROIS. 
Strong collaboration creates asset value margins and management returns.

- 'Good money' asset loan

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