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Collections XP

Self-Service Collection Analytics

Collections XP

Bond Strategy Management System

To optimize debt collection activities, delinquent strategists need a user-centered strategy setting tool to flexibly respond to recovery strategies that change with market and economic conditions.

  Key Features             

Real-time confirmation of each segmentation characteristic

Immediate analysis of intermediate results generated in the strategy design process is possible, so you can immediately check the characteristics of each segmentation.

Excel environment combination product

As a combination product of a strategy tree configuration environment for processing large amounts of data and an Excel environment for analysis/reporting, it enables segmentation and analysis by accessing data directly when setting strategies.

Multidimensional OLAP analysis using metadata

To support user's unstructured data analysis, subject-specific metadata is created and managed, and users can perform multi-dimensional OLAP analysis using metadata.

Application of multiple scorecard functions

It supports segmentation of customer groups by applying various scorecards and decision tables, and it is possible to classify overdue characteristics by applying multiple scorecard functions according to the operation strategy.

Storage of strategy performance results and information utilization

The finally created segment and strategy information is transmitted to the channel according to the set schedule. Customer contact information generated from channels is periodically collected and expressed in performance reports.

Excel environment report analysis and advancement

An Excel report analysis environment is provided, and dynamic dimension change, drill-down, and drill detail functions can be utilized through the generated report.

Champion/Challenger strategy operation

You can create/manage segments by various segmentation techniques. We support you to utilize Champion-Challenger strategic operation or one bond strategy operating model. In addition, a report to support a separate comparative analysis is provided for segments organized according to the  Champion-Challenger operating strategy. Users can configure multi-segments from various perspectives to test various strategies.

  Expectation effectiveness 

01/ Integrated debt management

  • Implementation of strategies by field operations and provision of operating environment

  • Strategy development and verification through strategy system (simulation)

  • Strategy development/improvement through Champion-Challenger

03/ Convenience of data management

  • Part of the strategy data is generated and provided in the strategy distribution process

  • Possible to load strategy response data (output set for specific input)

05/ Optimization of IT infrastructure

  • Through linkage with the operating system
    Strategy Development - Strategy Distribution - Collection Activities - Monitoring Process Completion

  • Minimize IT manpower input through strategy development/management by field operations

02/ Systematization of monitoring

  • Providing a starting point for continuous strategy by measuring the result value by a specific strategy

04/ Efficiency of bond volume management

  • Promptly reflect bond management volume forecasts to strategies

  • Reflecting manpower input plans into strategies

06/ Reinforcement of internal capabilities

  • Reinforcing strategy development/management capabilities through simulation/champion-challenger, etc., and strengthening analysis capabilities by improving data management capabilities

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