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Data Scientist Course

비즈니스 마인드를 갖춘 분석 전문가 양성

Model and Strategy Expert Course

Model and Strategy Expert

Education target

An employee of a financial institution who is currently in charge of developing and operating a CSS credit rating model, a financial person who is in charge of planning/auditing personal loans, financial data analysis, or a data analysis expert desired office worker, etc

(*This training is a small number of intensive training sessions

operated below a certain number)

Educational subjects

- Operate a variety of programs to train CSS Model experts and financial data analytics experts

- Operate an On-Demand education program that can conduct various education programs according to the needs of financial companies

​- Use PANIROIS' hands-on PC for data analysis such as SAS and CSS credit rating model development practice.

Education period

2 Days(14 hours) training

*See application form for detailed training schedule

Educational expenses

- 2 days course(14 hours) : 400,000 won

- On-demand course : 400,000 won per hour (2.8 million won per day
for 7 hours) 

​ *tax excluded/Not eligible for an employment insurance refund.

Application guide

- Download and fill out the application form below and submit it by email

   *E-mail :

- Training fee: Not eligible for employment insurance refund

- Bank account : bank of 'Standard Chartered' 100-20-861485 [PANIROIS] 

- When paying by credit card, please call in advance (02-739-8325)

- Please deposit the education fee a week before the training starts


PANIROIS Education Center Operation Team

Tel. 02-739-8325


Lecture room

PANIROIS Lecture room

4F, Somerset Palace Seoul 7, Yulgok-ro 2-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03143, Korea

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