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We are leading changes in financial industries by applying big data and mathematical algorithms to predict customer behavior and risk.

Latest thinking

NPV Model

Stabilizing Overdue Loan Prediction Model

NPV Model is modeling an every key variable which impact on recovery rate for each bond. At the past due point, NPV Model to enable predicting accurate collection rates and making decisions on selling bonds, internal management, delegating CB and etc...

Artificial Intelligence

Meta Data based Decision

PANIROIS provides data analytic services via Machine Learning methodologies. Machine Learning brings more complicated data modeling and modeling automation and implements overfitting prevention algorithm.

Data Visualization

New trends of Business Intelligence

Are you looking for Big data Analytics Solution?
Wish to have data analysis capability?
Here is the best Data Visualization Tool.

Developing Credit Assessment Model by utilizing telecom data

Developing credit loan product with SKT and KB-Kookmin Bank.

Creating new service by analyzing big data


The project was developing new service for financial institution which provides benefits (interest rate / limit) to outstanding customers by analyzing telecom data. It is meaningful because thin file (young adults / housewives) customers, who were difficult to evaluate by traditional assessment model can be evaluated.

PANIROIS supports decisions based on data analytics and prediction model 

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PANIROIS supports decisions based on data analytics and prediction model


Meet our data analytic based business consulting, prediction modeling, strategy solution and etc.


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