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SAS® Viya™

Built for innovative results from analytics​

SAS® Viya™

Machine Learning Solution

SAS® Viya™ is an AI, analytics, and data management platform running on a scalable, cloud-native architecture.

It is designed to transform raw data into operational insights and supports

all kinds of decisions your organization makes

How companies can accelerate smart decision

making by meeting analytical needs and delivering results quickly


• Ultra-fast processing for data preparation, navigation, and advanced analytics
• Integrated environment that makes it easy to manage/maintain and maintain governance
• Dynamic architecture that scales to grow or shrink as needed, as well as leverage a variety of infrastructures
• Self-service access to comprehensive analytics solutions, regardless of data type or size


SAS® Viya™ is a cloud-driven, open-in-memory architecture with everything

you need to get fast and accurate analytics at any time.

SAS® Viya™ features.

• Cloud-based, state-of-the-art analytics architecture developed by leading analytics players
• One open governance analytics environment that integrates both SAS and other programming languages using a standardized code base
• The only platform that supports both public and private clouds and can scale

Why SAS® Viya™?

Learn more about SAS Viya.


​An analytics platform that can be easily ported to any infrastructure


  • A cloud-based platform designed to take advantage of the elastic processes of different cloud providers, allowing you to adapt to your current and future changing needs.

  • It can be deployed on private clouds, public clouds, or on your own hardware.  


  • Suitable for all investment requirements. You can choose feature- and usage-based options for individual analytics services, entire enterprise subscriptions, or a mix of the two.

  • Compute memory can be added as needed to handle even the most demanding analytical workloads, and disk space is automatically utilized to ensure uninterrupted operation even in memory-constrained environments.


  • Great for any size matter. Accommodate growing data volumes, ever-increasing and diverse users, and massive processing times with a burst processing platform that meets your analytics needs.

  • It provides one consistent codebase, so there is no need to override, recode, or reconfigure if cloud providers, data volumes, or speed requirements change.

Designed for growth

  • With rapid, automated deployment, update management, and independent microservices, you can start doing anything right away. It is also suitable for cloud and operating system deployments.

  • Self-service access to advanced analytics and data management in a rich, easy-to-use, familiar interface and coding environment, making it easy for anyone to leverage analytics.


​Single Consistent Platform


  • Integrate analytic workload processing and full analytic lifecycle management (from data management to results monitoring) for SAS and other analytic assets.

  • Addresses the increasingly common problems of isolated analytics silos, deployment latency, and low-quality analytics results.


  • Reduce total cost of ownership by integrating the operation, development, management and execution of any analytics process for any data, application or use case.

  • By eliminating the hassle of linking between unrelated components, you save valuable decision-making time.


  • Provides an open platform that supports business agility and ensures data and analytics process traceability throughout the analytics lifecycle.

  • Consolidate SAS and other programming languages into a single native codebase to protect your analytic assets from exhaustion of your analytic capabilities.


  • Ensure enterprise governance with complete versioning, authoring, and change management control from a single central point of administration.

  • Optimize hardware usage and protect analytical assets to meet organizational standards for reliability and user access.


A platform that delivers all the performance without the complexity


  • We provide an integrated solution of innovative algorithms and proven analytical methods to explore experimental questions and solve real-world problems.

  • Powerful analysis techniques (machine learning, descriptive statistics, forecasting methods, optimization algorithms, etc.) are at your disposal in a variety of interfaces including programming, scripting, and visualization.


  • It provides a state-of-the-art method for automating model comparison, reducing the coding burden, and generating intellectual property for your organization. Develop once, deploy anywhere.

  • Make it easy to collaborate, search and build models. Multiple users can analyze data the way they want, when they want, and interactively share the results.

High speed

  • Data and analytics workloads are automatically distributed to the cores of a single server or to the nodes of a large computing cluster to take advantage of parallel processing for lightning-fast speeds.

  • Breakthrough performance that measures processing in seconds or minutes, not hours. In-memory data persistence eliminates the need to load data multiple times for repetitive analysis.


  • With self-service access to advanced analytics in an easy-to-use, familiar and rich interface experience, anyone can now have effortless access to intelligible insights.

  • All users, regardless of analytical skills or experience, can solve a wide range of analytical challenges.


An analytics platform for everyone


  • By supporting SAS coding and coding in other languages such as Python, Java, and Lua as well as interfaces to the same common analysis methods, the breadth and depth of SAS capabilities are openly leveraged throughout the organization.

  • Eliminate barriers related to data volume, multiple coding languages, processing bottlenecks, and problem complexity.


  • Access powerful SAS analytics (via interactive workflows or programmatically) in your preferred language through a web browser.

  • You can easily move SAS analytics into your applications using REST APIs.


  • Get self-service access to comprehensive analytics for data of any size from a single managed and monitored platform.

  • Analytics teams can work in a variety of languages of their choice, and all analytics assets are integrated into a common platform, giving the enterprise a single, governed architecture.


  • A native interface to programming tasks written in SAS or any other language (Python, Java, Lua, etc.) gives data science professionals the power of choice as they all provide the same reliable analytical methods.

  • Protect your investment decisions and improve productivity with a REST API, a native interface to a common analytical coding language, and a standard codebase.

  • Use the language of your choice (SAS, Python, Lua, or Java)

  • Provides high speed with set API functions through easy-to-use example apps.

  • Easily access machine learning and cognitive computing capabilities with just a few mouse clicks.

  SAS® Viya™ Features  

04/ SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning

Any complex business problem can be solved quickly through a single integrated in-memory environment.

02/ SAS® Visual Analytics

​Visually explore all your data and spot new patterns. Users can also publish/share reports via web or mobile devices.

05/ SAS®Optimization

​By applying solutions optimized for complex and diverse business plans and problem situations, you can propose various solutions faster than ever before.

03/ SAS® Event Stream Processing

​Through real-time big data streaming, insights through analysis can be immediately reflected in corporate decision-making.

06/ SAS® Visual Forecasting

A variety of forecasts can be automatically executed based on the wide range of business planning challenges facing enterprises.

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