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Our History


Build Pioneer Position Based on 'First' Project

​Advanced consulting based on new technologies
Establishing a Bridgehead for Overseas Projects
Diversification of business areas

Build our own Business area

Establishment of PANIROIS

  • Establishment of PANIROIS based on know-how accumulated by domestic and foreign experts.

  • ​Based on the differentiated analysis methodology, various customer groups such as banks, insurance, and secondary financial institutions have been expanded.

  • Customer-oriented, customized consulting for new financial institutions provides Turn-key solutions.

  • Development of Semi-custom model using market data for the first time in Korea.

  • Development of Bank CSS Model Using Communication Data for the First Time in Korea.

  • Establishment of a credit rating model for measuring risk of overseas branches for the first time in Korea.

  • Development of Machine Learning Models and Strategies for Major Savings Banks in Korea.

  • Development of bond and thin file models using machine learning algorithms of major credit card companies in Korea.

  • ​Development of new products using machine learning by major domestic capital companies.

  • ​Development of the world's first reinforced learning machine learning model in the banking sector.

  • Establishment of CSS Credit Rating System for Overseas Financial Institutions.

  • Development of CSS Model and Strategy for Cambodia's Local Corporation.

  • Thailand Capital Consulting on Improving Risk Management Strategies.

  • ​Development of Personal CSS Model for Prasac Local Bank, Cambodia.

  • Provide of Annual Consulting service.​

  • Expansion of Platform Business.​

  • ​Groiwing business with differentiated operations.

  • New Business Promotion of NPL Bond Purchase Collection. 

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