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FICO Model Builder

Explore and analyze data of any size or complexity


FICO® Model Builder

Today’s consumers are demanding more responsive, individualized treatment—and new data sources are creating opportunities to meet those expectations. For your business to thrive, you need to craft advanced predictive models more swiftly than ever before. FICO® Model Builder supports the complete model development process, letting users access, explore and analyze data, calculate variables, document key modeling steps, and build, evaluate and deploy models. Employed in tandem with other FICO software—such as the FICO® Blaze Advisor® decision rules management system—FICO® Model Builder helps organizations rapidly adapt predictive models and business rules to fast-changing conditions.

  Core Benefits            

Quickly develop analytics

FICO® Model Builder accelerates the model building lifecycle. By providing time-saving features and extensibility, FICO® Model Builder lets you rapidly explore data, build complete predictive models and deploy them as a stand-alone scoring system or within business rules flows.

Big Data Analytics

FICO® Model Builder makes data accessible and relevant by extracting new and valuable customer insights from the massive amounts of data available—Big, small, dispersed or centralized.

Leading scorecard technology

FICO® Model Builder includes FICO's industry-leading scorecard technology that combines analytic science and business expertise−pioneered and continually innovated by FICO−which gives you an array of capabilities to build highly predictive, robust and interpretable models.

  Key Features             


Supports the entire modeling lifecycle, from data exploration and model building to deployment.


 Vast array of algorithms, including Decision Trees and Segmented Ensemble Models, that learn to recognize complex patterns within rich and massive data.


Intelligent automation accelerates modeling, while allowing analysts to assume control and refine models to suit their business decision-making needs.


Uses industry-leading FICO scorecard technology that combines analytic science and business expertise.


Collaborate easily using consistent logic, common methodologies, reusable libraries and templates, and robust model documentation.


An approachable graphical user interface facilitates engagement with team members.


Integrates with popular analytical and computing platforms to take your existing tools to a whole new level, including Hadoop, MapReduce, SAS and R.


Makes collaboration easy by using consistent logic, common methodologies, reusable libraries and templates, and robust model documentation


Intuitive wizards simplify and streamline model design.

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