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Life Insurance

Fire & Marine Insurance

PANIROIS consultants are the credit risk project experts for Korean Insurance/Installment/Lease and capital Industries. We have the best technical skills in analyzing financial data.

Analytic Predictive Modeling


Risk measurement and management Scoring Model Development

• ASS (Application Scoring System)

• BSS (Behavior Scoring System)

• Credit-needs Model

• Early Payment Model

• Attrition Model

• Bankruptcy Score


Collections Model Development

• Pre-Collections Model

• Self cure Model

• Payment Project

• Right party contact Model

• Promise to pay Model

• Personal Rehabilitation Model


Model Development for Marketing Activities

• Attrition Model

• Response Model

• Revenue Model

• Early Payment Model

• Churn Model

• Credit Capacity Model


Advanced Model Development

• Machine Learning Scoring

• Multiple Goal Model

• NPV Model

• Pre-approval Model (Brief description is below)

• insurance loan BS Model (Brief description is below)

• Risk Component Development (PD,LGD,EAD)

What is Pre-approval Model?

Pre-approval model is a model to discriminate X-sell candidate within the entire insurance policy holders. At the time of credit loan application, the model prevents claims by minimizing rejection rate. Pre-approval model only uses internal data such as personal data related to insurance.

What is insurance loan BS model?

​Insurance loan BS model is a model to evaluate applicants who have insurance loan balance or have used insurance loan recently. To develop the model, we use not only insurance information but also insurance loan performance information. Depends on the applicants’ experience, insurance loan BS model can be utilized with credit loan model as a matrix format.

Analytic Based Strategy Consulting
- Marketing -


Product Marketing Strategy and KPI

• Product System Diagnosis and Improvement

• Target Market/Product Positioning Strategy

• Successful Product Launching Strategy

• KPI and Tracking process Establishment

• Marketing Process and Management Strategy


Target Customer Strategy

• Acquisition

• Up-sell / Cross-sell

• Retention / Attrition


Channel Management

• Multi-Channel Distribution Strategy

• Channel Strategy for Marketing Scenarios

• Response Analysis


Retail Financial Products Consulting

• Retail Financial Market Analysis

• Competitive Analysis and Positioning



Offer Strategy

• Single Offer Management

• Multi Offer Management

• Offer Response Analysis

Analytic Based Strategy Consulting
- Screening and Customer Management Strategy Development -



• Screening Strategy (Cut off and Policy Rule Strategy)

• Application Limit Strategy

• Application Interest Strategy



• Structure of Interest Rate Improvement

• Interest Rate Strategy

• Credit Cost and Risk Cost Calculation


Customer Management

• Customer Limit Strategy

• Re-loan Strategy

• Additional Loan Strategy

• Extension of Debt Maturity Strategy


Fraud Prevention Process Development

• Partnership with Domestic or Global companies to examine and improve internal process for choosing the optimum Fraud Service and maximizing service usage

Analytic Based Strategy Consulting
- Bond Management Strategy Development -


Organization and Process

• Diagnosis and Improvement of Delayed Bond Process

• Past-Due Organization Management Strategy Plan

• Domestic/International Credit Management Status and GAP Analysis

• Mid/Long-Term Organization and Process Management Strategy


Channel Distribution Strategy

• Channel and Bond Distribution Strategy

• Responsible Line Distribution Strategy

• Right Channel and Right Time


Collection Strategy

• Pre-Noticed Call/Grace Period/Early Transfer Strategy

• Multi-Debtor Collection Strategy

• FPD (First Payment Default) Strategy

• PTP (Promise To Pay) Strategy


NPV Strategy Development

• Collection Performance Evaluation Plan

• Readjustment Debt Evaluation Plan

Strategy Solution


Risk Management Solution

• Strategy Development for Credit Loan Model and Limit, Screening and Interest Implementation

• Optimized Solution Selection among the Domestic Major financial institution’s solutions and Development for Client



Marketing Solution

• Marketing Campaign Management Solution


Monitoring Solution

• Monitoring Solution for Model and Strategy

• Build Data Mart for Monitoring

• Data Visualization


Machine Learning Solution

• Partnership with Global Partners to provide Machine Learning Solution for each project


Collections Management Solution

• Collection & Recovery Solution

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