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Marketing Campaign System

Marketing Campaign Platform, QuadMax
QuadMax Campagin platform provides user analysis/marketing environment, not only target/even trigger campaign but also multi-dimension analysis/dashboard for campaign/BI report.

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Marketing Intelligence Integration Solution

QuadMax Campaign provides interface for marketing activities such as target campaign, event trigger campaign and live event campaign.

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Quick&Easy Campaign Environment

QuadMax Campaign provides interface for marketing activities such as target campaign, even trigger campaign and live event campaign.

Campaign Plan Information

Campaign plan information is to type in the basic information about campaign planner. It creates campaign by selecting campaign name, period, offer, campaign classification and template campaign.

ROI Measurement and Approval

User can do ROI simulation on target customer group. Simulation provides automatically calculated ROI from expected response rate, offer ratio and etc.


Role/Targeting is target sampling function from Meta Data. Users are available to set various targeting rules and to track the live status of targeting group.

Status List Check

User can track campaign status. It provides the number of visitor, sales response, offer reaction and real ROI from each campaign. Based on the reports, user is able to plan the second campaign.

Liaison between Channel/Offer

User can choose marketing group/control group ratio, channel and offer information. User can track the changes on number of customers based on the comparison group ratio.

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