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Management Team

PANIROIS was established with the members of risk management experts from global finance consulting firms and major financial institutions having the mission to provide optimized risk management consulting services to Korean domestic financial institutions. Recently, the more professions are joining us as we extend our business field to big data analytics services through artificial intelligence methodology. PANIROIS’s executives and consultants are trying our best to build better financial industry and credit society with our passion and experience.

Roy Choi

Chief Executive Officer

Roy Choi builds PANIROIS’s vision and directions by leading overall corporate strategies and new business activities.

He worked in global consulting firms, Experian and FICO Korea, and led several financial risk related projects for Korean domestic banks/ credit card/ insurance/ capital/ subprime industries. Based on these experiences, he established PANIROIS to provide a customized risk consulting for Korean domestic market. He devoted his 30+ years of analytical based financial credit risk management industry to build a constructive credit society.

He is an epicure who enjoys having foods of good quality with his team and co-workers. Especially, he is a wine expert who loves to recommend and to present wines to others. He also enjoys playing golf, listening to jazz, watching movies, and traveling.

Byoung-Ho Roh

Managing Director

Byoung-Ho Roh leads PANIROIS’ Consulting Business department 1 and also directs all-around consulting projects related not only to CSS but also to retail exposure credit risk measurement and operation based on Basel Standards. Prior to joining PANIROIS, he was in charge of CSS at Shinhan Bank and Hana Bank and also led financial risk projects for Korean banks and retails in global consulting company, Experian.

Additionally, he worked at Financial Supervisory Service(FSS) and was in charge of approving Korean banks’ Internal Rating Based Approach by adopting Basel II Standards. He has broad experience and leadership in credit risk management area because most of his careers are focused on analyzing retail loans and credit cards of banks and developing analysis based strategies.

He joined PANIROIS to build healthy risk management system for Korean financial institutions. When he is free, he enjoys nature with his family. He realistically analyzes his tasks, but he has a warm heart.

Soo-Cheol Jeon

Managing Director 

Soo-Cheol Joen leads PANIROIS’s Sales and Marketing team. He worked in SAS Korea as Analytics & Business Intelligence Sales for Financial Institutions and Solution Sales Manager for CRM department, and he also worked in FICO Korea. After these experiences, he has finally joined PANIROIS. He is specialized in Business Intelligence and Analytics for Financial Institutions, and currently he focuses on expanding PANIROIS’s business sectors from Credit Risk to Analytic Based Business Consulting based on his experiences from global companies.

He adds value the most for his life to meeting and networking with others, and he enjoys movies, musicals, concerts, and books.

Ho-Won Chung

Managing Director

Ho-Won Chung is a credit rating modeling expert who is in charge of PANIROIS' Consulting Business department 2. Prior to joining PANIROIS, he worked for Shinhan Card and Citibank for more than 20 years and worked on projects such as automating screening strategies and optimizing credit strategies for domestic and overseas customers. He also has extensive experience in risk management consulting and credit rating development, as well as elaborate repayment ability of existing members, including individual business owners, and advancement of individual and corporate installment financing strategies.

As a facilitator, he is making various efforts to strengthen the capabilities of employees and incorporating new methodologies to provide the best solution for clients.

Young-Shin Hwang

R&D Center


Young-Shin Hwang is a risk expert who has deep understandings of loan/savings & deposits and products from abundant projects experiences in bank/card industries. Prior to joining PANIORIS R&D Center, she worked at Woori Bank as a marketing data analyst and worked on card data analysis and strategy development, corporate member early alert system, PD/LGD model development at Korea Exchange Bank  Recently, she has been concentrating on research with new methodologies such as developing credit rating models using artificial intelligence.

So-Yun Kim

Team Leader

So-Yun Kim is a veteran who has developed credit risk model and strategies in financial industry. She has deep understanding of advanced model methodology and process from working with FICO and Experian. Based on her experiences, she focuses on methodologies and strategies fit for domestic financial institutions. Even though the way is difficult, she keeps pushing the right way. As an example, she does not follow the standardized modeling process but she applies each client’s need. Therefore, she is a communication expert who always discusses enough to find the best solution.

“I think data analysis is difficult but it is worth it when the clients enjoy higher profits and good customers are benefited by enhancing the model more accurately."

Kwon-Yeol Lee

Senior Consultant

Kwon-Yeol Lee is a part-leader of consulting practice. He worked at Meritz Financial Information Service (IT line of Meritz) as an analyst of customer mart development and analysis of holding companies. Kwon-Yeol Joined PANIROIS based on finance and IT related experiences but he is leading technical trend in PANIROIS not only related to banks but also to telecom and card data, machine learning modeling with various projects.

Jae-Hoon Jeong

R&D Center


Researcher Jae-Hoon Jeong is in charge of research work at PANIROIS R&D Center. Prior to joining the R&D Center, he participated in various financial institution projects such as Hana Financial Group, KB Kookmin Bank, and Samsung Life Insurance as part of strategic development and model development. Recently, he is focusing on model development research using artificial intelligence and big data.

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