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Meet our customer success stories and data analysis examples

January 25, 2018

KB Kookmin Bank

KB Kookmin Bank is expected to be able to manage customized customer management and decrease indiscriminate collection calls by predictive model for stabilizing overdue loan. About 70% of overdue loans are gilts within 5days and only 3% of over 30days are considered as bad bond. Therefore, differentiated loan management can be pushed ahead with at the overdue point.

For example, KB Kookmin Bank can minimize its pressure on overdue loan by leading customers to “self-cure” their loan without callings for payment for a certain period of time, and postponing legal loan collection activities, such as auction and lawsuit, for a certain period of time for customers who have high possibilities to recover their loan in short period of time

January 14, 2017

SKT&KB Kookmin Bank

This project is to develop a new service for good customers with better interests and limits by analyzing telecom data. Especially, it is meaningful since financially alienated groups (thin-filers, housewives and etc.), which were difficult to evaluate with traditional credit assessment model, are benefited.

January 14, 2017

OK Savings Bank

Ok Saving Bank is able to provide better limits and interests to the customers with maintaining approval rate but lower default rate by introduction of machine learning model. Now, they are prepared for growth strategy based on technology which improves bank soundness as well as higher customer satisfaction.

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