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We support decisions based on data analytics and prediction model. 

Meet our data analytic based business consulting, prediction modeling, strategy solution and etc.



Predictive Model

  Predictive Model         


Scoring Model is a model to evaluate future risk by utilizing the information of applicants or data from customers’ accounts. Score is meaningless by itself but it is meaningful when the customers are ordered by risk level. Additionally, by grouping customers, scoring model is used as a fundamental indicator to implement differentiated strategy.

Service Area

Risk Model

  • ASS (Application Scoring System)

  • BSS (Behavior Scoring System)

Advanced Model

  • Machine Learning Scoring

  • Multiple Goal Model

  • Transaction Scoring

  • NPV Model

Collections Model

  • Pre-Collections Model

  • Payment Projection Model

  • Self-cure Model

Marketing Model

  • Attrition Model

  • Response Model

  • Etc

Learn more about the most advanced Predictive Model techniques, AI & Machine Learning.

Business consulting

  Business consulting    


Based on client’s internal data, we utilize developed model to provide strategic management and validation consulting for the business goal.

Service Area [Marketing]

Marketing Strategy and KPI

  • Marketing Process Diagnosis and Improvement

  • Target Market/Product Positioning Strategy

  • KPI and Tracking Process Plan

  • Marketing Process and Management Strategy

Channel Management

  • Multi-Channel Distribution Strategy

  • Channel Strategy for Marketing Scenarios

  • Response Analysis

Target Customer Strategy

  • Acquisition

  • Up-Sell / Cross-Sell

  • Retention / Attrition

Offer Strategy

  • Single Offer Management

  • Multi Offer Management

  • Response Analysis

Service Area [Screening and Customer Management Strategy]


  • Screening Strategy (Cut off and Policy Rule Strategy)

  • Application Limit Strategy

  • Application Interest Strategy

Credit Line Management

  • Customer Limit Strategy

  • Re-loan Strategy

  • Additional Loan Strategy


  • Structure of Interest Rate Improvement

  • Interest Rate Strategy

  • Credit Cost and Risk Cost Calculation

Service Area [Loan Management]

Organization and Process

  • Diagnosis and Improvement of Delayed Bond Process

  • Past-Due Organization Management Strategy Plan

  • Domestic/International Credit Management Status and GAP Analysis

  • Mid/Long-Term Organization and Process Management Strategy

Collection Strategy

  • Pre-Noticed Call/Grace Period/Early Transfer Strategy

  • Multi-Debtor Collection Strategy

  • FPD (First Payment Default) Strategy

  • PTP (Promise To Pay) Strategy

Channel Distribution Strategy

  • Channel and Bond Distribution Strategy

  • Responsible Line Distribution Strategy

  • Right Channel and Right Time

Service Area [Compliance]


  • Risk Parameter Calculation: PD/LGD/EAD

  • The third party Review and Risk Organization Diagnosis

Insurance RBC

  • Credit Risk Diagnosis and Improvement

  • Credit Risk Parameter Calculation

  • Validation


  • N/A

Strategy Solution

  Strategy Solution        


Risk Management Solution is a solution which assists work-site to develop, validate, and operate and monitoring risk management, marketing, past-due management strategy and etc. Strategy Solution enables client to make right decision at the right timing. Additionally, Solution lowers internal communication issues among the departments and errors from complicated process.

Service Area [Marketing]

Risk Management

Monitoring Solution

Marketing Management

Collections Management




Optimization is the Best Practice technique to execute the strategy of financial institutions. This technique optimizes financial institutions portfolio management, limit, interest and marketing strategy by evaluating risk, cost, resource, market and profit of customers.

Service Area [Marketing]

Credit Line Optimization

Collections Optimization

Marketing Offer Optimization

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