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SKT는 국내 TOP 통신사 중 하나로 약 50% 이상의 이동통신 가입자를 보유한 대기업입니다.


KB국민은행은 은행, 증권, 보험 및 신용 카드를 담당하는 대한민국의 종합 금융그룹인 KB 금융그룹의 자회사입니다.


KB Kookmin Bank

SKT is one of Korean TOP telecommunication companies, which holds more than 50% of telecommunication users in Korea.

KB Kookmin Bank is a subsidiary of KB Financial Group and its business area is banking, securities, insurance, and credit card.

SKT is affiliated with KB Kookmin Bank to develop a credit loan product applying communication data

This alliance between telecommunication company and financial company successfully developed a loan product applying non-financial Big Data like communication expense payment history

The purpose of this project is to share the information of communication service usage analyzed by Big Data technology with financial company and to develop a new service for the valued customers to give financial benefits on loan interest and  credit limit. Especially, it has a great significance in conferring a benefit on the disadvantaged in the financial (a newcomer to the society, housewife) who were hard to be evaluated by traditional credit rating model.


- SKT felt the need to enhance customers loyalty by providing better benefits and services for their own customers through Big Data

- KB Kookmin Bank wanted to develop a differentiated financial products according to fintech(Finance+Technology) trends, and also wanted to establish credit rating standards for the disadvantaged in the financial who were hard to be evaluated by traditional credit rating model


PANIROIS successfully developed the credit ra ting model by applying SKT’s communication data. SKT and KB Kookmin Bank could not only develop a cooperation credit loan product but also satisfy their customers as leading companies which strengthen their existing products and services by this model. 


The solution, which PANIROIS developed, provided not only financial benefits for customers but also an opportunity to strengthen customers loyalty for both SKT and KB Kookmin Bank. Additionally, PANIROIS’s Big Data analysis technique enabled different fields, finance and communication, to be collaborated, and provided an opportunity to create a new kind of services.

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